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Top 9 FREE CDN to Speed Up and Secure Your Website



Are you a WordPress user? , then there are several techniques you can try out to optimize the performance and speed of your site using FREE CDN. Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the standard technique to increase page load speed.

What is CDN?

A content delivery network, well known as “CDN,” is a series of network servers located in different geographical locations across the world—that store content like HTML pages, javascript and CSS files, images, and more. To speed up things, CDN plays a significant role. It is recommended to boost the speed of your website with the Content Delivery Network Service.

In this article, we’ll cover the top 10 best and most free CDN services you can use to improve your website’s speed and SecuritySecurity of your website.

1. CloudFlare

Cloudflare is the best & free CDN service that can be used efficiently for your WordPress site. When you use its automated platform optimization (APO) feature, your website will be delivered to end-users via its global server network, speeding up load times for visitors.

2. Jetpack

Jetpack is a famous WordPress plugin that offers website security, backup, and speed functionalities. It also provides a CDN service (known as “Site Accelerator”) that helps in decreasing your website’s loading time. This CDN allows you to deliver localized static content from high-speed data centers. As a result, Now browsers will be able to download more files simultaneously, which will help improve the site’s performance as static resources are served based on the customer’s location. In addition, this will help reduce the possibility of extra charges from your hosting service due to the additional bandwidth consumption.

Aside from regular backup, cloning, and migrating your website, Jetpack also optimizes your images, saves your CSS & JS files in its global server network automatically, and hosts your video content on its servers for free.

3. jsDelivr

jsDelivr is one of the most popular free CDN services to speed up your site performance and security. It is an open-source CDN and has around 750 points of presence. This CDN service is superior to many other CDNs and is fast and reliable. It balances traffic between multiple CDN providers by using Real User Metrics, and it is developer-friendly and provides options to minify files and combine multiple files. This service’s other essential features are source map support, version aliasing, usage statistics, etc.

4. Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is an AWS integrated popular CDN service that offers optimized delivery of data, video, applications, and APIs to your visitors across the world. If you’re an existing customer of Amazon Web Services, you can quickly start the content delivery network. The AWS network boosts CDN with its other services, offers high transfer speed worldwide, and is an advanced service for developers and programmers. In this, you will see built-in security options such as AWS Certificate Manager and custom SSL certificates. Also, this CDN is easy to customize for your specific requirements.

5. Coral CDN

Coral CDN is another option for free CDN services used by many websites across the globe to improve your site performance and SecuritySecurity and decrease bandwidth consumption. You can begin with this one quite quickly. You need to append a short string to the hostname of the URL, and It will handle the request for it. This CDN uses modern peer-to-peer technologies to find cached objects available anywhere in the network effectively. CoralCDN has many clients worldwide and receives 25-50 requests every day.

6. Anyone CDN

Anyone CDN is another popular Content Delivery Network that is relatively easy to use. You have to enter your website’s domain name and click a CDN. It will cache all your files in the global network of servers for 30 days. It delivers files through a secure URL, so you don’t have to worry about reliability. It is a compatible CDN that works with WordPress and makes sure your site consistently performs well. You can install the CDN enabler plugin to manage this without any hassles.

7. SmartVideo

SmartVideo is a free CDN service that allows you to embed videos on your site without depending on YouTube’s embed code. This unique focuses explicitly on video — so if you’re a content creator, an educator, or a vlogger, you’ll want to put this CDN at the top of your list.

With this CDN, you can quickly deliver buffer-free playback to your users, convert YouTube and Vimeo embed codes into a SmartVideo video, and add colors and branding to the video player. It’s compatible with various WordPress page builders, including Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and WordPress’ native Gutenberg block editor.

8. Optimole

Optimole is a complete solution for optimizing your WordPress website’s images and then speedily serving up those images via the global Amazon CloudFront CDN for free. It is more than just a CDN. It can help you automatically resize your photos that include an adaptive images feature that serves the best image resolution based on each visitor’s device size. It can also compress your images with lossy or lossless compression and add watermarks to your photos to prevent image theft. It also Converts your pictures to the WebP format and loads your lazy images.

9. NitroPack CDN

NitroPack is the best & free CDN service for improving the speed of your website. Google released its core web vitals updates for fast websites, and NitroPack is undoubtedly going up in the google rank.
NitroPack would be the safe bet only if you are
serious and want to increase the speed of your website.

Some Advantages of using NitroPack CDN are:

  1. It can help in raising conversion rates and Advanced caching capabilities.
  2. It can also optimize HTML, CSS, and Javascript and boosts your website rankings in SERP results.
  3. If you have NitroPack, you don’t need caching, code, and image optimization plugins.

In this article, we learned about the top best and free Content Delivery Network (CDN) service that you can use to improve your website speed and security.

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