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Are you ready to make money online as a Student in 2022?



Why should Students Start Earning & Make money online?

Before we begin, let’s talk about the necessity and the advantages of finding work during your schooling years. Apart from helping your family, working during school time gives you financial independence for your social activities. There are some other benefits of earning for college students as well:

  1. You learn the value of hard-earned money
  2. It provides essential lessons about time-management
  3. It can help you understand the need and importance of budgeting from an early age
  4. It helps build confidence for having scored a job at such a young age

Here are Some of the Top & best ways to help you make money online easily :

1. Get on Social Media

Most of us are using Social Media now. Some apps like Instagram and YouTube are pinned apps that exist on almost all of our devices. However, did you know social media applications are rising and becoming the best and most effective way to make money online in India for students who have the skills and can produce creative content in today’s era? There are several more different ways an individual can make money online in India as a Student:

2. Start a Youtube Channel

Some Big names like Techno Gamerz and Carry Minati started their YouTube channels during their school days. They used their ability to make everyone laugh and took it to the online medium to gain followers on their channel. As they started getting more followers, more brands began contacting them to use their popularity and advertise their products and Services.
So, if you also think you can make everyone laugh or teach something online or make content about different topics, check out this best way to earn money for students.

3. Become an Instagram Influencer

Instagram is another quickly rising platform that has become the best way to earn money online for students. Everyone in school life is trying to keep the best profiles on Instagram, so they get more people to follow them. Some of them already have over 1k to 2k followers by the time they finish their schooling, while most students get their popularity in college time. If you like to maintain the best profile for your online presence, you can use your platform to talk about a particular niche. These can be tips about make-up, working out, travel, technology, etc. Once you start gaining more followers, you will get more deals with brands to help you quickly earn money.

4. Sell Online Courses

The following is the best way to make money online in India for students by selling their courses online. Nowadays, platforms like SkillShare, Udemy, and many more offer budding teachers to get on their media and sell their courses online. It can range from dance to drawing to programming; you can make a course on any skill you have confidence in and sell it on Udemy quickly. The more popular the course, the more money you earn.

5. Content Writing

Suppose you are a student and are proud of your writing skills and can write clear essays that acclaim recognition from others. Then becoming a content writer is the best way to turn those skills and use them to make money online for Indian students.
There are some different websites that you can use to get content writing Jobs:

  • Internshala
  • Freelancer
  • iWriter
  • Upwork
  • HireWriters

Once you are selected, you will require to write content for Facebook or Instagram posts, organization blogs, or just a matter of the Company’s product offerings. You may also request to write articles on direct topics like Health, fitness, Latest Technology, etc.

6. Online Blog

Blogging is a rising technique to become one of the best ways to make money online for students. As more and more students understand the power of blogging, more are writing Down their thoughts about a variety of issues and topics on some top popular blog making sites like:

Please spend some time mastering Search Engine Optimisation skills. SEO allows your blog to get ranked on search engines and is more interactive to the users searching for the content you write, thus helping bring in more visitors and advertisers to your website.

7. Graphic Designer

Suppose you are more creative with online skills of editing photos or are using different Adobe Software like Photoshop. You can quickly become a graphic designer as it is the best way to earn money online in India for students. Everyone from individuals to big organizations wants cool-looking digital art on their websites, social media profiles, brochures, etc. The need for graphic designers is at a boom.

8. Buy and Sell Domains

Nowadays, everyone is trying to find an online presence on the Internet. As our social media handles are unique, every business and personal web address is outstanding. Thus, buying and selling domain addresses has become one of India’s best and most genuine online jobs.

This online job is so easy that any student can do it too. The best way to earn money online for students is to register yourself with domain selling websites like GoDaddy and NameCheap and buy the ones you think are most common. People have purchased domain names for less than ₹1000/ $10 and sold them to third parties for up to ₹10,000 & more.

9. Social Media Manager

The job description of a social media manager is very similar to that of an Instagram influencer and helps significantly create brand awareness for the Company. They must build large communities of followers and promote content about their products or services. They should engage their followers, through likes and comments, about the benefits of the usage of the product they are selling.

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Mihir Arora is the owner and founder of CyberStructor. A Content Creator, Content Writer, Ethical Hacker, and fitness freak, his passion lies in blogging and content creation. He enjoys spending time with friends, Gyming, and traveling in his free time.

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