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How to Permanently Delete WhatsApp Account



Whatsapp Account

How do you get rid of WhatsApp if you’ve grown tired of chatting apps and wondered how to do so? Here’s how to erase your WhatsApp account permanently. Just removing the app from your smartphone won’t remove your account from the WhatsApp service, so keep that in mind. You can learn how to backup your account before deleting it in this page.

WhatsApp: What Is It?

WhatsApp is a messaging service that use reliable encryption to protect the privacy of your calls and chats. WhatsApp may be used on a computer in addition to Android and iOS devices.

What Happens After a WhatsApp Delete?

Please be aware that cancelling your WhatsApp account will cause the following effects before you do so:

  • You would be removed from all WhatsApp groups.
  • Deletes the Google Drive backup you made.
  • Takes your phone number out of the picture.
  • Removes your phone number from the WhatsApp contact lists of your pals.
  • Your WhatsApp account would be deleted.
  • Deletes the history of your messages

The FAQ section of WhatsApp states that deleted accounts cannot be recovered and that they may totally vanish after up to 90 days, during which time you cannot access your data. Additionally, they guarantee the deletion of any private data shared with other Facebook Companies.

You might wish to temporarily cancel your account if that seems too ominous. In either case, it’s a good idea to create a backup beforehand.

Methods for Backing Up WhatsApp Data

You should back up your data first, then delete your account. To back up your WhatsApp account, adhere to the instructions below for both iOS and Android.

iPhone/iOS Backup

The following steps can be taken to automatically backup WhatsApp using iCloud:

  • Select Your Name/Profile Picture under Settings.
  • Click iCloud.
  • Verify that WhatsApp’s toggle switch is turned on (green) by scrolling down and finding it.

Settings for WhatsApp cloud backup
To backup from within WhatsApp:

  • Chats on Tap.
  • Click on Chat Backup.
  • Use the toggle switch to activate Auto Backup.
  • Additionally, you may back up your account right now with the Back Up Now button and store your WhatsApp videos using the Include Videos checkbox.

Backup options for chat

Backup for Android

These procedures can be used to backup WhatsApp on an Android smartphone using Google Drive:

  • On the upper right, click the vertical three-dot menu.
  • To backup a chat, go to Settings > Chats.
  • On an Android device, select Backup to Google Drive.
  • Decide on a backup cycle.

Options for backing up to Google Drive

  • Choosing a Google account is optional. Perhaps you need to log in first.
  • To select the network you want to use, tap Back up over.
  • Additionally, you may instantly reverse by tapping the BACK UP button.

Backup options

How to Deactivate WhatsApp Instead of Deleting Your Account

You have the choice to deactivate your account until you set it up on a new phone if your cell phone is lost or stolen. Use the subject line “Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account” in an email to WhatsApp to have your account deactivated. Include your phone number in its entirety in international format.

Delete WhatsApp: A Guide

To totally delete your WhatsApp account from the servers and any associated data, follow the steps listed below.


Follow these instructions to permanently erase your WhatsApp account on iOS:

  • Click Account.
  • Select Delete My Account.
  • Read the warning, then tap Delete My Account after entering your complete phone number.

Android Phone

The procedure is the same on an Android phone, even if the screens can appear differently. The steps are as follows:

  • On the upper right, click the vertical three-dot menu.
  • Click Account.
  • Select Delete My Account.
  • Tap the red “Delete My Account” button after entering your complete phone number. Additionally, you have the choice of deactivating rather than deleting your WhatsApp account here.
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