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Coding: Become a Successful Programmer without any IT background 2022




Can you learn Coding without any IT background? The Answer is YES. It is possible to learn to program with whatever educational experience you have. Furthermore, the probability of using a programming language in this modern time would be higher than before. If you are already interested in programming languages, this is the best time to start learning them for your future career.

This article will share some successful tips on studying programming language and managing to master it. Let’s get into it!

1. Why do You want to Learn Programming?

The first tip to any people who want to study Coding is to decide why they want to learn a Programming language. Is it for their career, for the knowledge, or do you want to follow the hype?

I saw many friends and students who want to learn a programming language, but there are no solid reasons for their careers. They want to learn programming as of the trend that AI is the future, or many jobs need a programming language, but they don’t know what to do from learning or even about the job.

In the first week, many are focused on learning everything they can — like, everything. They want to gain all the knowledge as soon as possible to apply for the job, but the motivation is a bit fragile. After the first week, many stopped their learning because They felt it was too hard or didn’t know what to do, or felt lost.

It is essential for us who are not forced to learn the programming language during our education time or within our employees to build a strong base for understanding it. It was easy to mentally deny new things because we love to stick to our old habits — even the Research said so. 

Like the Research above, I had also felt to give up when learning a programming language for the first month. The motivation that I built helped me from quitting my learning as I have set a goal for my future. I know that programming language is essential in the modern world, and I know that a data science career is what I want.

In short, try to build a strong reason for what and why you want to learn to program, and This will only help you in keep going

2. Decide Which Programming Language To Learn

There is always a question about whether to start with Python or R for learning Programming Language as a beginner for Data Science. It does not matter from which language you start; you must go with the market demand or what the industry requires.

The important thing is to Research the job position, the industry, and the skillset you want first. For most Non-IT individuals, you might know which sector you want to join, but You won’t have experience in the job position. When you research the industry, they would demand a different skill set most of the time.

As per my advice, you must decide which programming language to learn as per the industry demand. Do not try to juggle and try to know all the programming languages as it will lead to failure in the end

3. Always Start with the Fundamental

We should start with the fundamentals, but many people begin directly with something advanced. 

Many of my friends and students are not from an IT background and had started their learning directly by using the intermediate to advanced material. There is no way they understand it from the beginning, especially when we are not trained to use all these tools. They feel things are too complex and give up on learning any programming language.

When you direct jump into the advanced things, your mind will not be ready for it and start to block the possibility of succeeding in learning any programming. There was a time when I started learning using advanced study materials, and I was also under the urge to quit my learning; then, I just thought of learning the Basic Fundamentals first. Then things started going much better. I built confidence in programming and had a great pace in learning and understanding advanced concepts.

Personal tip — start from the fundamentals, and don’t get scared by the advanced material because you have to build up your skill from the bottom.

4. Use a Learning Outline or Guide

This is an important thing that everyone must do when learning to program. Many of them don’t use an outline while learning, making it difficult to find out where to start and learn.

I used an online learning platform as my starting guide when I started learning Python. It is beneficial that I am a beginner in the programming language and need a map to begin studying. As a beginner, everyone should find a guide online that will help get an overview of the programming language and help you learn better.

5. Don’t Rush Things

The important thing about learning is understanding the concept and applying it in various conditions. Maybe you feel jealous of all the people in some job or have excellent knowledge or with someone who already won many competitions — but you shouldn’t; everyone has their journey and pace.

Learning a programming language is the same as learning a new language, but it takes time to apply it to various coding scenarios. If you feel your learning any programming language is a bit slow, don’t worry, it’s normal — it is your pace, don’t rush it.

By rushing, you haven’t understood your fundamental learning. You want to start exploring the data, or when you are going applying for a job position and do not master the coding skill, This could hurt you mentally because you feel you are ready but fail. Learning will take time, especially for people who come from the non-IT; programming language takes time.

In my own experience, my HTML and CSS learning journey takes around six months. Yes, it takes me half a year to understand the fundamentals and apply them to any project. I know many people can understand faster than I do, so don’t feel left out and learn in your time and secure the goal you made.

My Tip — Take your full time to learn the programming language and at your own pace to understand the concept properly.


Learning Coding is not easy, especially for a non-IT educated person

If you feel any problems in learning coding without any IT Background. Kindly do contact us here or InstagramWe are here to help you with it.

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