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Top 5 Tips to Create a Strong Good Passwords



Create a Strong good password form the first protection against cybercrime. Though they’re no longer the only protector of your accounts and applications, passwords still play a critical role in all businesses’ and individuals’ data protection plans.

It would be best to be attentive while generating complex passwords and keeping intruders at bay. Data loss is frustrating and a substantial loss as well. Hence, It’s necessary to take care of your accounts’ passwords.

5 Tips To Create a Strong Good Password

Read on to learn about five simple rules to a strong password to ensure maximum protection.

1. Make Passwords Unique

According to most Small IT Businesses, using the same passwords across numerous applications or websites is a great way to get breached by cybercriminals. Wondering why? It’s simple.

If cybercriminals breach a company’s data security and gain access to employees’ login details, they will have access to their passwords. Cyberpunks know that most people aren’t trying to keep dozens of unique passwords, so they usually consider that the same ones will get them access to multiple accounts.

Once cyberpunks gain access to a user’s password, they’ll be able to access a wide range of sensitive data associated with any account that uses the same one. Using unique passwords eliminates that problem. 

2. Create Longer Passwords

Even unique passwords are also helpful as they are strong. Cybercriminals can crack passwords with five diverse characters in 10 seconds or less and eight-character numerical passwords instantly.

An 18-character password can be created of mixed numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and symbols. On the other hand, it would be impossible to crack. This is how you can create a strong password.

3. Mix Characters

Nowadays, most websites and apps require creating a strong password before activating their accounts. The password must include uppercase, lowercase letters, at least one number, and at least one symbol.

It’s safer to incorporate the non-alphabetical characters into the middle of the password than to add them all at the end. The safest possible solution is to use a random password generator to generate a strong password.

Need to come up with a long, complicated password but relatively easy to remember? Start with four random short words, then add an uppercase letter to each and separate them with any numbers and symbols.

Also, remember that it’s excellent to create a strong password that is longer than necessary but don’t rely on the length just because a website requires only eight characters.

4. Use a Password Manager

The difficulty with strong passwords is that they’re not just challenging to crack. They’re also harder to remember. The most helpful way to keep all of those passwords straight is to either write them down in a secure physical location and update the list each time you change your password or use a high-security password manager.

Password managers come with risks, but breaches are less common than people think. People who choose to use this as a solution should get a password manager that will store data in one safe, secure location, and they should make sure the password for their manager is tough to crack.

5. Pick A PassPhrase

Have you heard about PassPhrase? Let me explain to you. A Passphrase is a sentence of numerous words that mix symbols and numbers rare to crack. You can generate long and complex passcodes that are easy to remember as it is better than traditional passwords!

Example: Let’s choose a phrase – “I love Taj Mahal in Agra” Now, you may take all the first letters of each word – “iltmia.” Make it more powerful, add some uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols like – “Ilth#2ia$” and keep a note of the special characters and their correct places.

Stay Protected

Passwords still are the backbone of individual data security. However, it is also combined with better intensive security measures such as multi-factor authentication, tokens, and even biometric scans. If possible, try to add these extra layers of security whenever possible, and when in doubt about whether sensitive data is safe, consult an online security expert.

While creating passwords, don’t use family names, nicknames, and simple patterns like 123, lion, tiger, or anything like this. Also, please don’t use the same and common passwords for all your accounts; it will be a high risk for your valuable data. Cyberpunks are so bright that you need to follow effective strategies when generating the passcodes for your web assets.

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