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What is Windows 11 S mode – How to Exit S mode in Windows 10 & Windows 11?



Everyone is familiar with the standard Windows 11 Operating System; for better user experience, Microsoft has come with a new version which is called S mode.

windows 11 S Mode

What is Windows 11 S Mode?

S mode is a version of Windows 11 which provides enhanced security and swift performance, with a similar interface to that of Chromebook. The S mode version is available for Windows 11 and Windows 10. The question is that how does the S mode work? For enhanced security, it allows the installation of applications primarily available on Microsoft Store and Microsoft Edge for secured browsing. S mode will enable you to install other browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera from Microsoft Store, but Edge will remain your default browser. S mode has a unique feature that freezes down all other applications hogging around the RAM, eventually increasing the system speed. 

Features of S Mode

Windows 11 S Mode provides your system speed, stability, and security. As it only allows applications from the Microsoft Store, it reduces the chances of the system getting infected by malware. Simply, it does not permit installing third-party applications from the web, which slows down the boot process. 

Nowadays, we are used to Google, but Microsoft Edge promotes Bing search engine as a default search engine. You can neither change the default browser from Edge to another nor the default search engine from Bing to Google. You can browse via Google, but it will only rout through the Bing search engine. 

Microsoft initially introduced S mode to schools. It restricts third-party application installations, thereby reducing the chances of virus infections. Also, browsing through Microsoft Edge prevents them from visiting unsafe and malicious websites. These features helped the students to stay focused by not allowing random applications available on the web. S mode is the best version for you if your day-to-day activities are accomplished with the applications available on the Microsoft Store.

If you are an IT Professional, Software Developer, or Ethical hacker, then S mode is not made for you. You cannot use Code Editors, Bash, PowerShell, VS Code, or Command Prompt. That is why as a hardcore IT Professional, you might not like S mode.

S mode also prohibits access to Windows Registry. The Windows Registry is a database register that stores the settings of the Windows operating system. Tampering with such settings usually causes harm to your system and lowers its performance of the same. As mentioned, S Mode was introduced for a secure and swift version, which has some drawbacks.

How to get Windows S Mode?

Windows S Mode is primarily available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 Home edition only. The laptops or pc come with preinstalled S mode by the original equipment manufacturer, i.e., OEM. You can upgrade to Windows 11 S mode with minimum hardware specifications and preinstalled Windows 10 S mode. Windows 11 S mode is compatible with Intel, AMD, and Snapdragon processor, so you have a wide range of options.

As S mode comes preinstalled from OEM, you will not have to worry about the installation and activation. The best part is S mode is entirely free, and you don’t have to bear extra costs for S mode-enabled system. 

Can I take exit from S Mode?

Windows 11 S mode only runs applications from the Microsoft store to increase the security and performance of the system. Suppose a situation arises when the application you want to install is not available in Microsoft Store, or you want to upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education. In that case, you can leave S mode permanently. Microsoft does not charge any money for switching out from S mode. Follow the steps mentioned below,

For Exit Windows 11 S Mode:

  1. Go to Windows > Settings > System
  • Click on “Activation”
  • Click on “Open store.”
  • Further, you will get a window in Microsoft Store named ‘Switch out of S mode,’ click on “Get,” and proceed further.

Can I go back to S mode after exiting?

Microsoft does provide the option of switching out of the S mode free of cost. Unfortunately, exiting the S mode is a one-way ticket; once you leave it, there is no going back. You will have to use the standard Windows 11 version. This unique feature makes the S mode worth a try as you have the liberty to switch out whenever you want to.

Should you buy Windows 11 S mode or not?

Windows 11 S mode may sound like a limited version, but it provides a lot of security with smooth & fast performance. Its unique features are best suitable for students and individuals who work with lesser applications available in Microsoft Store. You don’t have to worry about malicious infections with this secured system.

Windows 11 S mode secure browsing prevents the students from visiting unsafe websites but does not block access to any websites. If you want to stop your students or children from visiting such websites, you better turn on the parental control option for the laptop or pc. If you don’t want to buy an S-mode-enabled device, you can also go for a Chromebook available at the same price.

On the other hand, the users who want to tinker with the OS, applications, and technology should pass the S mode. You cannot change the default browser from Microsoft Edge and the default search engine from the Bing search engine. Some restrictions may cause significant inconvenience to such people.

If you have been using a Windows computer for a long time, you will notice its booting speed is faster than the standard Windows after using the S mode. In the regular Windows version, autorun start-up applications result in slow booting of the device; S mode takes care of this. If you want to be more productive using limited applications with swift performance, then you can go ahead with S mode.

You will have to exit S mode permanently if you need to install a third-party application not available in Microsoft Store. As it is free and easy to switch out of S mode, there is no loss in buying a system with S mode. You can try it out, and if you don’t like you can leave it with ease.

Here we learned about Windows 11 S mode and how we can exit from Windows 11 S mode. If you face any problems with this, Do let us know here or Contact Us Directly on Instagram.

Mihir Arora is the owner and founder of CyberStructor. A Content Creator, Content Writer, Ethical Hacker, and fitness freak, his passion lies in blogging and content creation. He enjoys spending time with friends, Gyming, and traveling in his free time.

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